Trainer 501 Smoke Machine

The larger of our portable units. The FT 501 will supply a massive 1320 m3 (46600 cubic feet) in 60 seconds. Fully portable and again combining all the functions of the FT 301 with the added output., the FT 501 will fill and hang in the most massive areas ( hangers etc) ensuring 100% realistic training with smoke layering is available at all times.

The FT 501 comes supplied with an onboard digital remote that can be easily removed and rehoused or activation can be via out optional wireless radio remote allowing operation in excess of 30 metres from the unit

Designed to generate instant smoke in very large spaces, the Trainer 501 combines a unique range of features to create a variety of powerful smoke effects. Water resistant, the Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees even more output for longer periods, while maximum efficiency is still achieved, requiring only 1500 watts to produce a massive 1000 cubic metres of dense smoke per minute. A 9.5 litre container ensures long operational periods without refilling. An on-board remote is also included, offering an auto-timer function, extendable by the 8 x-mode function. The smooth 0 – 100% smoke output allows precision atmospheric control.

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