When it comes to professional fire and smoke training, the ability to create realistic simulations during training can mean the difference between life and death out in the real world. In Melbourne alone, the MFB responds to approximately 35,000 calls per year. Preparation for these calls is a critical part of achieving their overall goal of success. What ultimately happens in real life depends greatly on what individual responders have had to handle in training. Industrial smoke machines are a valuable tool in creating the needed environments for highly effective fire and smoke training. Used to simulate a variety of smoke effects, industrial smoke machines produce a dense yet harmless vapour – safe to handle – but effective in replicating intense fire and smoke conditions. Training in a smoke filled environment with limited visibility, often while wearing pounds of protective gear and bulky breathing apparatus, allows trainees to cope with realistic stressors, preparing them for the adrenaline rush of real life emergencies. After an experience like that, it’s impossible not to come away with a greater appreciation of the value of teamwork and a refinement of skills such as increased ability to devise strategies under pressure. Making training “as real as it gets” is a critical part of amplifying real-world results.

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