Athletes train in the gear they compete in. Lawyers rehearse their witnesses. Politicians practice their speeches in front of a mock audience. Before entering a high-pressure environment it is crucial to have prepared in a similar environment. This ensures individuals staycalm and respond to intensesituations rationally – like they did while training. When dealing with life and death situations, realistic training is even more important. Thorough fire training equipment for training fire fighters is essential. There are many lives at risk and the slightest error is fatal. The fire fighting training environment must include fire simulators that are as close to an actual fire as possible.

Smoke is as deadly as heat. It obstructs vision and is toxic to breathe. Fire simulators that accurately reflect real life smoke are a key piece of fire training equipment. Simple ‘effects machines’ are not proper fire training equipment. Our machines are developed solely for fire training use – they are realistic fire simulators. If you recognise the value in realistic training preparation, call us on 1800 172 843 or visit us in Oakleigh South, Victoria.

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