Trainer X-Stream Smoke Machine

The Trainer X-Stream is the most versatile professional atmospheric effects generator available today. By incorporating the X-Stream Airflow System, the Trainer X-Stream blends smoke and air to produce a variety of effects; from an optically translucent haze to an immensely dense EURoewhite-outEUR of smoke. The Trainer X-Stream has been designed to deal with the excessive rigors of training, with a rigid chassis, protected on all eight corners by 20mm aluminium plates, and 40mm lifting bars. The outer casing and control panel also offer a degree of protection in poor weather conditions, making the Trainer X-Stream ideal for outdoor use. Overheat protection is also guaranteed through a unique, Direct Thermal Protection device. The Trainer X-Stream is fed by a massive 19-litre (5 US gallons) capacity. Basic control is also possible via the Trainer X-StreamEURTMs remote (optional), allowing the machine to be fired at preset levels.This, coupled with the analogue link facility, permits multi-machine control from a single MSS multifunctional controller.

Size:(LxHxW) 1140mm x645mm x 655mm.

Videos Vertical & Horizontal The Trainer 2500 Specifications

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Heat Exchanger: 2 x 2500w with 18 minute time and overheat
Coverage: 5000Cubic meters per Min and rated continuous (at lower Output).
Control: Remote connection using 3 pin XLR.
Power: 22.5amps @ 220v.
Weight: 167kg.
Fluid Types: Heavy or Medium.
Fluid System: 2 * 9.5ltr containers
Consumption: 500ml / Min.
Accessories: Trainer X-Stream remote.& Ducting System.