Trainer Kit – 501 Smoke Machine

Designed to generate instant smoke in very large spaces, the Trainer 501 Kit combines a unique range of features to create a variety of powerful smoke effects. Water resistant, the Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees even more output for longer periods, while maximum efficiency is still achieved, requiring only 1500 watts to produce a massive 1000 cubic metres of dense smoke per minute. A 9.5 litre container ensures long operational periods without refilling. An on-board remote is also included, offering an auto-timer function, extendable by the 8x-mode function. The smooth 0 – 100% smoke output allows precision atmospheric control.


The Trainer  Kit 501 Specifications

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Size (LxHxW) 603mm x 395cm x 306mm.
Weight 17.70KG
Trainer  Kit 501 Contents
Trainer 501 One only
Fog Fluid 1 x 20 ltr
Cleaning Fluid 1 x 2.5 ltr
Radio Remote No –
Instructions Yes
The Trainer 501 Specifications
Heat Exchanger: 1500w with 7 minute heating time and overheat Protection.
Coverage: 1320 m³ per minute  (46600 cubic feet)
Control: Smoke control with on board multifunctional timer remotel with level control.
Timer Control: Adjustable auto timer with 2 second operation and 1 second delay settings.
Power: 9.2amps @ 240v
Size: (LxHxW) 685mm x 345mm x 225mm.
Weight: 19kg
Fluid Types: Heavy or Medium.
Fluid System: 9.5ltr container
Consumption: 176 ml per minute