Hydra Controls


Base Unit: DMX512 decoder: Required channels = number of heads Output is proportional for all levels above 12% Channels supported = 1 to 511. Valid start codes = 0 (dimmer data only) Full framing error detection implemented 2 x LED displays with 4 button keypad. DMX settings, warnings, cleaning mode.   Use 2518 controller as remote for non-DMX installations, and make remote based on new M/ F remote for limited.   Both 3 and 5 pin DMX connections are provided.

Heads: Serial multi-drop RS485 data link, with 16 unit addresses and master slave protocol for command and status. NOT DMX Protocol. The output of each head can be controlled individually and independently (1 DMX channel/ head) via DMX input to the base unit.   HEAT EXCHANGER Wide bore steel vaporizing coil DTP over-temperature protection Electronic temperature control using thermocouple Approximate time to reach operating temperature = 9 minutes (EU) 12 minutes (US)