Hydra Fluid System

Base Unit: Low pressure pump in Base Unit, maintains a constant 2.5 bar pressure in the fluid pipe supplying the heads, independent of the number of heads turned on. Maximum head fluid consumption 120mL/minute. The system is factory calibrated for 2 fluid types selected from base unit (plus cleaning fluid). New mode for cleaning fluid can be used. Automatic leak detection will be implemented.

Heads: Standard pump (EP5), increases the 2.5 bar inlet pressure to 16 bar. Solenoid valve ensures no fluid EURoepuffsEUR out after firing, and avoids fluid running backwards, causing delays when firing next time. Maximum installed height above base unit is 20m for a maximum fluid pipe run of 60m from the base unit (assumes 10mm o/d tube). Longer runs are possible if the height is reduced, up to a maximum of 120m. With a central base unit, heads can be 240m apart at most (for 0m height above base unit).