The level of training for fire fighters may prove to be the thin dividing line between life and death in a critical situation.It can mean the difference between safety and disaster. This is the primary reason why all fire fighters deserve to be trained in simulated real life situations so that they are equipped to handle any emergency that might arise. This is of course, easier said than done because of the very nature of the activity. Replicating circumstances that fire fighters might face in their call of duty is very difficult and requires the use of highly advanced fire simulators and fire extinguisher training props that are effective and offer a range of in-built safety features.

Fire simulators are an essential part of fire fighters training because they expose the trainees to the risks and pitfalls of their jobs. The more realistically the machines can duplicate real life scenarios, the greater will be the skills developed by the fire fighters. All equipment has safety features that fully protect the trainees. These are manufactured as per guidelines laid down in OH&S legislation that sets benchmarks in safety standards in machinery and equipment as well as working conditions and instructional environments.

There are many types of fire simulating machinery and each is designed to equip trainees with a high proficiency of skill. The most important fire simulators include fire caddies, liquid burners, explosion cages, and those that replicate fires in PC monitors, trash cans, wastepaper baskets and grease pots. By getting hands-on training on how to deal with all such possibilities, fire fighters can handle any type of blaze which they might face in real life. For example, the fire caddies have a stainless steel platform on which mock-ups of any type of fire can be set up while the rest of the unit is hermetically sealed from water and other fire extinguishing substances and controlled with electronic circuits.

Where there is fire, there will always be smoke and dealing with it forms an integral part of the whole training process. The smoke generators are highly advanced machinery with cutting edge technology incorporated into them. The density of smoke can be controlled by the training officer, through a built-in timer to ensure that any smoke scenario can be duplicated to the finest detail. Crucially, fire extinguisher training props are designed on the basis of water based fluids. This meansthat while the smoke has a long hang time, it does not adversely affect the health of the trainees if inhaled accidentally.

For a fire fighting training programme to be really successful, it needs to offer versatility. Fire fighters and those they serve deserve to be prepared. Select quality props and tools to create the most realistic scenarios possible in fire training.