Large Liquid Burner



You need other means and methods to put out liquid fires than fires in solid materials. With TRAINERS 2m x 3m large liquid burner you can train putting out large liquid fires without any risk or pollution. The propane / butane gas bubbles up through the water and ignites on the surface giving you the exact same experience as would an authentic liquid fire. Furthermore, the specially developed ignition system ensures that the burner works smoothly regardless of the amount of water or powder on the burner.

Large Liquid Burner in Action

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Height TBC
Width 3m
Length/Depth 2m
Weight TBC


All TRAINERS burners are equipped with:

Electronic remote control with 32 feet of cable enabling you to start and stop the liquid burner or fire caddy from a safe distance. The remote control also serves as dead manâEURTMs switch.
Gas tubes with quick couplers in both ends enabling you to quickly attach and remove the tubes. The quick couplers also ensure that the bottled gas remains in the tube. This means that you do not need to fill the tube with gas when starting the liquid burner or fire caddy.
Manometer with regulator and quick couplers enabling you to regulate the gas pressure and thus the size of the flame according to temperature and need.
Fixed wheels enabling you to move the liquid burner or fire caddy with ease despite their heavy weight. The heavy weight is due to the strong stainless steel used to ensure maximum durability.