For any training to be truly successful, real life conditions should be simulated. This ensures trainees experience firsthand future situations under a controlled environment. Nowhere is this more important than when training fire fighters, where specialised fire training equipments used to replicate real life scenarios.

A heavy duty industrial smoke machine is one of the most important equipment in this environment.All such machines are operated by remote control to create an easy and safe process. Through the controls, the smoke output can be monitored and set between light to heavy fog, imitating different fire situations. To keep the trainees safe both the water and oil based equipment is use pure sources, free from any minerals or bacteria. The smoke generated is also absolutely safe with a particle size of just 0.2 microns.

Typically, most training uses oil based machines. On an oil based machine, the smoke has a long hang time and does not scatter away quickly. This enables training programme to run over an extended periods of time.

Apart from smoke generating machines, fire training equipment assures top of the line training for fighters. The most popular piece of equipment is the fire caddy which has a steel platform to simulate different types of fires. A remote control attached to a 10mtr , starts and stops the liquid fires. This can also regulate the severity of the fire. The lower part of the caddy where the electronics are housed, is water proof to ensure water and foam cannot seep inside. Other types of fire equipment can simulate a variety of different fires and scenarios. From fires in trash bins, grease pots, waste paper baskets or liquid fires, to electrical fires in PCs or electrical cabinets.

Smokeshield Australia is a leader in supplying smoke and fire training machines. Imported directly from the UK, they are manufactured under the direct supervision of the Danish Air Force. The machines adhere to international safety norms, able to create a safe fog covered environment for top fire training institutions. Our machines are now the exclusive choice of Australian Navy, Air Services, Aviation Australia, Mining Industry and Fire Brigades across Australia. We offer a variety of different packages for training institutes. The machines can be either purchased or hired,the consumables can also be either paid for separately or as part of a package offered.

For more information on the different options, contact Smokeshield, Australia.