Strobe Light


Strobe Effect System and Controller

IPL 3000 Strobe can give incredible effects and can be set up with a single or multiple units up to 20 using the IPL3RE remote-control system. With this controller it allows you the flexibility to create basic scenes all in the palm of your hand. Simulations can be from explosions, electrical short circuits, ect. The realism this will give during training will be remembered by trainees when it comes to the real thing.



  • Hi & Low Power settings.
  • 3000w Output.
  • Multi Scene select.
  • Manual On / Off.
  • Auto On / Off.

The optional Detonator remote control provides the following:

  • Slider controls for flash rate and intensity.
  • Momentary push button control of the blinder effect.
  • Momentary push button for single flash and flash synchronization.
  • Run/stop toggle switch.
  • Chase/sync toggle switch.