101 Accessories

System Range


The radio remote control is designed for a long range of upto 100 mtrs under ideal conditions. The manual transmitter even b=passes through walls or reinforced concrete constructions. The maximum range is achieved only in the case of visual contact ( line of sight ) and with no radio frequency intereferance (RFI). Technical data

Transmitting Frequency

Radiated power (ERP)


Number of channels

Coding options

Voltage supply

Range of working temperature

433,920MHz +/-150KHz

14 dBm)

100% AM



12 V DC (battery)

0° C to +65° C

Receiving frequency



Voltage supply

Dimensions (L x W x H)

433,920MHz +/-150KHz

1  μV

log. Am-demodulator

12 V DC via stereo jack plug

7.7 x 3.8 x 2.0 cm


Having a fully charged spare battery available can help avoid delays. Spare batteries are available from MSmokeShield (P/N 92622022)

Power Source Integral 12 Ah sealed lead-acid gel-type battery
Input voltage 12 VDC

Connecting and disconnecting the battery The battery connects to the machine via a Neutrik® NL4FX high-current locking connector. See illustration below. To connect the battery, line up the lug on the connector with the cutout in the socket, push the connector into the socket (A) and twist the connector a few degrees clockwise (B) until an audible click is heard. The connector is now locked.