Compact Fire Tray



What you can expect:

  • Un-extinguishable flame only turns off when the trainer is happy with the trainee’s performance
  • Very easy to set up and be operated by one trainer.
  • Non-polluting training with high throughput.
  • Fully automatic and failsafe remote operation.
  • Operates using standard portable 12V standard jump- starter pack, 3m long power cord is supplied.
  • Environmentally acceptable LPG is used as the fuel source.
  • Flame height approximately 1m.
  • Suitable for use with water, CO2, foam, and dry powder extinguishers.
  • Comes with 3m long LPG hose complete with regulator and quick-connect fittings for easy setup.
  •  Additional bin attachment is available for fire blanket training
  • Gas authority approved.


All Compact Liquid Burners are equipped with :

  • Easy push in connections for LPG and power
  • Fill tray with a standard bucket full of water
  • The Compact Fire Tray is ready to operate via remote control
Compact Fire Tray

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Height Standard Bin 330cm
Tall Bin 580cm
Width 4 to 10 400 to 1000mm
Custom sizes available on request
Length/Depth 4 to 10 400 to 1000mm
Custom sizes available on request
Weight Compact 1 15kg approx.
Compact 2 18kg approx.
Compact 3 27kg approx.

All TRAINERS burners are equipped with:

Electronic remote control with 32 feet of cable enabling you to start and stop the liquid burner or fire caddy from a safe distance. The remote control also serves as dead manâEURTMs switch.
Gas tubes with quick couplers in both ends enabling you to quickly attach and remove the tubes. The quick couplers also ensure that the bottled gas remains in the tube. This means that you do not need to fill the tube with gas when starting the liquid burner or fire caddy.
Manometer with regulator and quick couplers enabling you to regulate the gas pressure and thus the size of the flame according to temperature and need.
Fixed wheels enabling you to move the liquid burner or fire caddy with ease despite their heavy weight. The heavy weight is due to the strong stainless steel used to ensure maximum durability.